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Our Interactive Flipping Book Catalog

Our Interactive Flipping Book Catalog

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The Amazing Larry’s Clamp


When used in conjunction with bar clamps, Larry’s Clamp is the fastest and easiest way to fatten boards when making glued up panels. Using two hands to hold and operate this air operated unit, fingers are safely out of the
way when activating the clamp. Five hundred pounds of pressure ensures fat and even panels. Available in 18″, 22″ and 36″ and 22″ w/ extensions.

* Longer lengths can be glued if last glue joint is captured between pressure bar and anvil.

• Extremely fast and easy to use.
• Pressure bar is “crowned” to ensure all boards of equal thickness are held tight.
• Has safety trigger and requires two hands to operate.
• Holds boards from shifting while tightening clamps.
• Cylinder has two moving parts, a piston and return spring.
• Air pressure required -100 psi.
• Will deliver years of useful service.

Larry’s Clamp
Watch Larry’s Clamp In Action!
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Release of our New Catalog, NO. 1201

We are pleased to announce the release of our New Catalog, NO. 1201. It features many new items along with the quality tools you are accustomed to getting from us. As you go through the pages you will see a number of new, in stock items. In our Schure- Lock section we have added 70mm tall knives to go along with the 38mm, 50mm and 60mm sizes. In the Corrugated Back Knife section, we have added knives for making interior and exterior doors. Also flooring knives for Micro Bevel Flooring in both steel and carbide. You will also find our New HSK flooring cutters and inserts for today’s newest moulders. HSK corrugated heads are also included in the Flooring Tooling Section. Surfacing heads for top and bottom of flooring have also been added. In the insert tool section, pricing for inserts and heads have been added. Multi-Profile Insert style router bits for cabinet doors and shaker style door cutters are now stock items. We have expanded our line of solid carbide router bits, tool holders and collets as well.  Custom router bits are something we do everyday so keep us in mind the next time you need some. In our machinery section, Williams & Hussey Moulders, Shop Fox Machines and Dustek Dust Collectors are now available.

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